The Filmmakers

Karen Anspacher-Meyer
and Ralf Meyer

Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer are the filmmakers who created the Ocean Frontiers film series. Together they founded Green Fire Productions in 1989 and have produced dozens of award-winning documentaries that are used worldwide by NGOs, agencies, businesses, educators, industry associations, First Nations and Native American tribes.

Inspiring Stories

Green Fire films tell solution-oriented stories and are told by people implementing on-the-ground changes.  By witnessing unlikely allies working together to find solutions that benefit the ocean and ocean economies, audiences are able to engage in productive dialogue for lasting change. Audiences learn what has worked for others and could work for them as well.

Exploring Emerging Approaches

Green Fire has worked extensively on ocean issues. They have seen myriad conflicts erupting over how we use the ocean and witnessed the degradation of ocean habitats worldwide. In response to this, they began exploring emerging approaches to ocean management. What they learned excited them, and they set out to find examples of ecosystem-based management and ocean planning. These real-life stories became Ocean Frontiers.

Real Life Stories

Over the past 25 years, the Green Fire team has captured inspiring stories including ranchers, farmers and agencies restoring salmon habitat; livestock producers learning to co-exist with wolves and other predators; people building resilient communities through dam removal and many more. These stories show a path toward sustainability and the way people across the country are using cutting-edge, yet practical methods to balance stewardship with making a living off the land and sea.