Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past—Planning for the Future

75 minutes

Amid Growing Demands on British Columbia’s Coastal Waters, People are Coming Together to Shape the Future of the Great Bear Sea.

The Great Bear Sea is a wild expanse of ocean where whales, wolves, bears and humans thrive in rich coastal ecosystems. The Great Bear Sea is also a place where worlds collide – a place full of historic conflicts, emerging struggles over ocean resources, and now globally leading solutions. 17 First Nations and the Province of British Columbia have crafted marine plans for the Great Bear Sea to protect marine ecosystems and build sustainable coastal economies. Meet people and communities along the coast of British Columbia who are working to implement the marine plans — to sustain their marine environment, livelihoods and cultures. Check out the elementary, secondary and post-secondary curriculum resources that accompany the film.

The film is available in various lengths

  • Great Bear Sea Trailer
  • Great Bear Sea - 12 Minutes
  • Great Bear Sea - 60 Minutes
  • Great Bear Sea - 75 Minutes
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