Successful Film Outreach at Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Filmmaker Karen Meyer at Wild & Scenic Film Fest, 2012

Ocean Frontiers Part 3 & 4 screened this past weekend at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, California. Over 300 festival goers viewed Ocean Frontiers on two different days.

“Yes!” “That’s right.” “Wow!” These positive reactions reverberated throughout the audience on Sunday as Mary Wahl, a 4th generation Oregon rancher, stated in Ocean Frontiers “We needed to bury that tired, old idea that loggers and fishing people, that ranchers and environmentalists were on different sides. Those days are sort of over. It’s clear that people from all these different arenas can come together and make good things happen, and that’s what’s going on here.”

After the film a number of people including a professor of agriculture from Iowa, a California eco-consultant and several citizens from communities across California inquired about how to premiere Ocean Frontiers in their community. They were excited to learn that Green Fire Productions has made it easy for people to host premieres in their communities with our free, online step-by-step Screening Toolkit and online Host-a-Screening form at

Showcasing success stories that lead by example and inspire is not the only thing Green Fire Productions’ filmmakers Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer did with Ocean Frontiers. They also crafted and depicted the stories with a bipartisan tone to allow Ocean Frontiers to speak to and educate across a broad set of viewers, from the everyday ocean users to scientists; from farmers to policy-makers; and from fisherman to environmentalists.

Justin Malan, a consultant for an array of non-profits in California said, “Thank you,” to filmmaker Karen Meyer after the film ended, “for making these issues so accessible and for crafting the stories so well.”

10th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival: January 13-15, 2012

We are delighted to announce that Ocean Frontiers is an official selection of this coming year’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

Considered the largest film festival of its kind, the Wild & Scenic illuminates award-winning filmmakers and their stories alike, from around the world, to instigate positive social and ecological change. As Ocean Frontiers aims to do just that, and specifically around coastal and marine issues, it’s only natural we are proud to make the pick.

Join us for the 10th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival, this January 13-15th in Nevada City, California—get inspired and influence change.

Ocean Frontiers’ 48-minute version will be shown at the Masons’ venue on both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning highlighting two of the four chapters. The two segments include the Gulf of Mexico and Iowa – where Farmers, by better tending their soils, are helping to restore the Gulf of Mexico more than a thousand miles away, and Port Orford, Oregon – a visionary fishing community that is working to achieve both a healthy near shore marine ecosystem and a sustainable fishery that supports their town.

Films we are excited to be accompanied by this January, at the festival, include Chasing Water, Patagonia Rising, One Ocean and many more about community activism, adventure, energy and climate change, agriculture, Native American and indigenous cultures.

To learn more about the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and to purchase tickets, click here.