Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship

As the blue planet’s burgeoning populace faces an uncertain future, never before have the world’s oceans been called upon to serve so many, while suffering so much. To address this, people around the world have begun using new approaches to ocean management. It is a movement of scientists, businesses, farmers, fishermen, governments and citizens who care for the sea.

Green Fire Productions has traveled the country from coast to coast, capturing stories of these ocean pioneers—people who are embarking on a new course of stewardship, in defense of the seas that sustain them. We can learn many lessons from these ocean pioneers; in a sense, we’re all ocean pioneers, steering uncharted waters in a sea of rapid change.

In Ocean Frontiers you’ll meet the unlikely allies who are guiding us toward a new era of ocean stewardship. Below are clips from each of the chapters. You can also watch the full-length film, the 60-minute version, the 20-minute version or the special Aquarium version.

whales and ships

Saving Whales at Stellwagen Bank

In the bustling shipping lanes of Boston Harbor, what was once a recurring collision of giant vessels and endangered whales, has become a model for conservation in a crowded sea. Marine biologists, shipping executives and an energy company have come together, taking cues from the great whales’ travelways, and finding room for both commerce and wildlife. Watch the full chapter.

An Ocean Blueprint for Florida Keys

The coral reefs of the Florida Keys are America’s most popular marine destination, home of myriad sea creatures, magnet of sport fishers, divers and sightseers. Lately they are also America’s showcase of marine conservation zoning, providing refuge, recreation, and livelihoods, through a collaborative plan developed by all concerned. Watch the full chapter.

Iowa Farmers & Gulf of Mexico

The Mississippi Delta—terminus of America’s mightiest river, nursery of one of the nation’s premier fisheries, and lately an unfortunate poster child for ecological disaster—is getting help from an unlikely team of people, in an unlikely place. More than a thousand miles upstream, in the cornfields of Iowa, farmers are changing their ways to send cleaner water and new life to the nation’s beleaguered Delta. Watch the full chapter.

Port Orford Fishermen Protect Ocean & Way of Life

In a small fishing community on the coast of Oregon, the people of Port Orford are taking control of their destiny, by conducting their own brand of conservation. They are using local science to inform their fishery management, and protecting upstream forests to save their salmon—a farsighted perspective that considers both their links to the land, and the future of their children. Watch the full chapter.

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