Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea

Off the shores of New England, in a region steeped in old maritime tradition, comes a modern wave of big ships, energy industries, and a changing climate, now testing the limits of an already crowded sea. But in a pioneering trial of far-sighted planning—pushed by blueprints for offshore wind energy—old residents and new are coming together to keep their ocean and livelihoods alive.

New England’s experiences serve as an important milestone for all of us who care about the ocean.

As with Ocean Frontiers I, we encourage you to request a free DVD to share with your community, at work, in the classroom, marine science centers and among friends. Fill out the Host-a-Screening Form and request your DVD today.
Length: 45-minutes and 28-minutes.

Watch the trailer:

Watch the NEW 28-minute version:

Watch the full-length film (45-minutes):

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