Ocean Frontiers III Trailer

Slated for release in February 2017, Ocean Frontiers III: Leaders in Ocean Stewardship & the New Blue Economy puts a spotlight on the United States’ first-ever regional ocean plans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

The film premieres on February 8, 2017 at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, VA. Find out more about the premiere and other public events on the Ocean Frontiers calendar. Sign up now to pre-order the film for hosting your own screening in your community, at work or in the classroom!

Ocean Frontiers III chronicles our efforts to plan for a healthy, safe, sustainable future. It’s a compelling combination looking at the intersection of national security, maritime commerce, fishing, and recreation, plus expanding industries such as offshore wind energy and aquaculture, coupled with scientific exploration and discovery.

Find out more on the Ocean Frontiers III page.

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