Host a Screening

Want to bring the Ocean Frontiers films to your community—to engage, inspire and mobilize people to better manage and conserve our ocean and the economies it supports today and for generations tomorrow?

Now is your opportunity! We’ve made it easy to host your own screening. Please review the information below about the films/versions you can choose from, and then fill out the Host a Screening FormOnce submitted, we’ll send you free DVDs, a step-by-step Screening Toolkit, discussion guides, promotional materials and more to get your event underway.

Aquariums, marine centers, and museums: We have a special 22-minute Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship for you that is also available at no cost. Please fill out the Aquarium form to receive this special version of the film.


Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship

  • 80-minute film (standard DVD & BluRay). The film contains four stories:
    • Saving Whales at Stellwagen Bank (27:30)
    • An Ocean Blueprint in Florida Keys (11:15)
    • Iowa Farmers & the Gulf of Mexico (20:20)
    • Port Orford Fishermen Protect Ocean & Way of Life (22:00)
  • 60-minute film (standard DVD & BluRay). Includes the same stories, edited to a shorter length.
  • 20-minute film (standard DVD & BluRay). Includes the same stories, edited to a much shorter length.
  • 60-minute film (standard DVD), with Spanish subtitles.

Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea

  • 45-minute film (standard DVD & BluRay)


  • Large or small, public or private, in-home, agency, classroom, film festival or conference showing?
  • What are your goals/desired outcomes?
  • Who are the targeted audiences you want to attend?
  • Will the audience have the opportunity to take an action?
  • Will you include a post-film discussion panel?
  • Do you want a VIP and/or an elected official to attend/speak?
  • Do you want the filmmakers to attend/speak?


  • If your event is public, invite additional hosts to co-host your event. We encourage including a broad range of co-hosts such as industry, ocean user groups, NGOs, government agencies, universities, aquariums, etc.
  • If you are an educator, consider using our Discussion Guides.
  • At the screening, ask each attendee to fill our Ocean Frontiers Questionnaire.
  • After the screening, mail completed Questionnaires to Green Fire Productions.
  • Fill out the Post-Screening Report Form after the event.



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