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Ocean Frontiers PBS Promo

Ocean Frontiers is now on PBS. Check the Ocean Frontiers PBS Schedule for broadcasts in your area.


Ocean Frontiers II: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea

Trailer - New Film! "Ocean Frontiers II" brings you face to face with those now embarking on the nation’s first regional ocean plan.


Ocean Frontiers: Watch the Trailer

A new way of thinking, a new way of living, in concert with the sea, in consideration of those yet to come. Now is your opportunity to get involved.


Ocean Frontiers: Saving Whales at Stellwagen Bank

Shipping executives, marine biologists, Massport and Excelerate Energy come together to find solutions that work for commerce and whales.


Ocean Frontiers: An Ocean Blueprint for Florida Keys

Divers and fishermen have turned controversy over marine resources into a blueprint for industry and conservation collaboration.


Ocean Frontiers: Iowa Farmers & Gulf of Mexico

Iowa farmers, by better tending their soils, are helping to restore the Gulf of Mexico, more than 1000 miles away.


Ocean Frontiers: Port Orford Fishermen Protect Ocean & Way of Life

A visionary fishing community, Port Orford, Oregon, is working to achieve both a healthy near shore marine ecosystem and a sustainable fishery that supports their town.

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Ocean Frontiers: 22-min version

This 22-minute program is condensed from the feature-length "Ocean Frontiers".


Ocean Frontiers: A Case for Ocean Planning

Uncoordinated sector by sector ocean management threatens coastal economies and the health of our ocean.


Ocean Frontiers World Premiere

Go "behind the scenes" at the World Premiere with Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber, First Lady Hayes, Green Fire and the POORT fishermen.


Ocean Stewardship along the West Coast

West Coast communities shine a light on how to best manage our ocean and coasts.


Iowa Farmers & Gulf of Mexico

Full-length version – Iowa farmers, by better tending their soils, are helping to restore the Gulf of Mexico, more than 1000 miles away.


Saving my Town’s Ocean Economy

Fishermen explore Marine Sanctuaries to save their jobs.


Industry and Science Applaud Ocean Frontiers at Boston Premiere

Comments from Excelerate Energy, Massport, Cornell University and Stellwagen Bank.


Whale ALERT iPad and iPhone App Demonstration

Dave Wiley demonstrates how the world's first iPhone and iPad app for saving whales works.


Industry Hails Worlds First App to Save Whales – WhaleALERT

First testimonials for WhaleALERT.


Reflections on Change: Port Orford Ocean Resource Team

Fishermen are working to ensure the long-term sustainability of Port Orford’s ocean resources and their community that depends on them.


Hypoxia: Dead Zone

Join scientists Jack Barth and Francis Chan of Oregon State University as they conduct hypoxia research along Oregon's coast.

Port of LA

Ocean Frontiers: 10-minutes

Ocean Frontiers introduction and one minute excerpts from each of the four segments: Massachusetts Bay, Florida Keys, Iowa and the Gulf of Mexico and Port Orford, Oregon.


Boulder Panel Discussion

Panelists discuss inland issues as they relate to ocean health after the Ocean Frontiers Premiere in Boulder, Colorado.